HGA Slab Roulette

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Please read the rules before purchasing!

HGA Slab Roulette is the ultimate game of chance!

Grab a Spin!

- $40 per spin

- We will be running this live on Instagram (@mcgintysportscards)


Guess The Color!

- After you purchase a spin (or multiple spins), comment in the IG Live what color you think the ball will land on (Red, Black, or Green*)

- If you guess correctly you'll get a HGA slab (valued up to $125!)

- If you guess incorrectly you'll get a raw card (valued up to $50)

- If the ball lands on 0 or 00 you get in an entry into the Chaser Randomizer for a 1-in-5 chance at a chaser card and a free spin for a raw card!

*NEW: You can now choose Green as well! If it lands on green, then you get to pick a chaser card! But if you guess wrong, you get nothing :(

Chaser Randomizer

- Once 5 entries get put into the Chaser Randomizer, we'll run a name randomizer on Random.org and the top name will get to select 1 Chaser slab! (valued up to $400)

** There are no shipping costs (within the US) for Slab Roulette!!!